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  • Designers Delight

    The design process is difficult, when a designer’s imagination runs free and execution is bound by limitations. The limitations are further enhanced, when one decides to make the processes traditional and handmade. We are forever in awe of Designers who push for the handmade despite endless difficulties, delays, misgivings. And thank them for keeping the handloom industry Fashionable.

    weavers of baragaonThe weavers of Baragaon are not the kinds frequented by designers unlike the more popular clusters of Maheshwar, Benaras or Chanderi (We do hope to change that soon). So three years ago when approached by a designer with the simplest concepts, the weavers had refused – a strong voiced no, not possible. Three years of rigorous work later, we have them brainstorming over designs, trying their level best to do the difficult. All they ask for is extra pay for the extra difficult. A fair bargain.

    And so we sat it took hours to simply make them understand the design, many many more to translate them on textiles. Simple cotton, plain weaving, minimal and supposedly undemanding, but what is significant was the attitude of the same group of weavers. It’s a delight to see them come this long way to taking up challenges, to feeling meaningful and appreciative of their own efforts. Fabric lengths with repeats of 70 inches, saree with full length gradation, ombre-effects with seven colours on a single warp, they have made it all this year.

    We thank Deepti Toor for her designs and trust; we do hope to have done justice to her efforts. The team including the weavers are curious to see the final collection and wish her good luck for the same. We do hope it was as much a delight to her as it was for us.

  • Manzoor & Faiyaz

    The Kashmir valley has mostly been in the news for the ongoing violence. Besides causing pain and trauma to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the conflict has also adversely affected the lives of the Pashmina weavers and spinners. They have lost work and become more vulnerable to the exploitation of middle men. Continue Reading

  • Hafiz Anwar- Age 45 Years

    “Jabse hosh sambhala hai, tabse kargha ka kaam kar raha hoon,” (Ever since i remember, I have been working on the handloom) says Hafiz Anwar who is a third generation weaver in the village of Baragaon. His grandfather migrated here from nearby Sehri village when business was booming. Sehri also happened to be his wife’s native village.

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  • Mohd Irfan Ahmed, Age 60 Years

    Mohd Irfan is a fourth generation weaver, working since he was 15 years old . “Choubees ghante fikar rehti hai iski. Fayda nahi hai”. (We are always worried anout our earning). The payment is less and erratic. So the younger generation prefers other higher paying skilled/unskilled forms of job. His sons are enagaged in Zardozi (embroidery) work.

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  • Nayara Bano, Age 35 Years

    Is a mother of four and has been engaged in this work since she was a child. Both she and her husband are engaged in weaving to run the household expenses. With gradual dwindling of weaving as a profession, men have started to migrate outside for other work, some even venturing abroad to Saudi Arabia, for Zardozi and other work, leaving the

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  • Abdul Matin, Age 65 Years

    “ Sote jaagte iski phikar rahti hai. Kisaani mei bhi ek mahine kaam karke 6 mahine baith sakte hai. Isme ek din bhi baith nahi sakte.” (We are worried all the time. If we were farmers we would have worked six months a year and earned enough for a years. But in this profession there is no respite for the entire 12 months.

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  • Shiraz Ahmed, Age 65 Years

    Shiraz Ahmed who once ran three handloom units from his home now runs a small shop in Baragaon. He blames the government for the dismal state of weavers in the village. He talks of better times when there were 110 registered handloom units in the village and yarn costed less (Rs.250-Rs.300/ 5 kilos- current rate is around Rs.900-Rs1000/5 kilos)

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  • 8 Cotton Sarees to Own Before You Turn 30

    We’ve compiled a list of 8 absolute must have sarees what we consider easiest to drape, maintain and wont pinch your newfound saree love. At Baragaon Weaves we have been happy to be the choice of many first time saree buyers. Young girls sporting sarees always encourage us on. Cotton is definitely the evergreen choice as formal Indian

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  • One Challenge at a Time

    While everyone thinks of monsoons as a respite from the angry sun, at the studio we sat sombre; planning ahead for the months of no work. Dying wont happen, the threads wont dry and nothing new gets woven!
    When at the field next time, we were discussing the production planned and pointed out the monsoon months
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  • The Rain and the Artisan

    Splitter splatter fell the rain, We stood over a balcony looking into a street full of dripping homes, trees and wires! Soon wondering what our weavers would be doing at this kind of a time! We know how the showers mean a lot to the farmers but what does it mean to our artisans? As the summer heat rises, the folk spend most of their

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  • Pride of Masauli

    Masauli tehsil, situated adjacent to Baragaon village, district Barabanki is one of prominent home to handloom weavers. Here, most the families rely primarily on handloom weaving as their source of livelihood. Taranum’s family is one rare family headed by five female traditional weavers in the village of Masauli. Out of five male membersin the

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  • Fakhrul and Aisha

    Baragaon village, district Barabanki is an assortment of craftsmanship exhibited through its variety of crafts traditionally practiced by its artisans. This small village is loaded with creativity that is exhibited in the work of artisans spread across the region. Apart from handloom weaving, the other famous forms of craft are

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